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Getting ready to move your boat? Think you’ve covered all of your bases? Use A! Haul-A-Boat's convenient  PREPů ™ form to make sure you haven’t missed something. Proper Boat Preparation is an important part of getting your boat ready for hauling.   Transporting your boat should be a breeze for you.

Haul-it-All Shipping LLC Transportation and Hauling  Specialists PREPů .

  • Make certain that all loose items in your vessel such as plates, galley utensils, personal items or any other non secured items have been secured or removed from the vessel.
  • Empty all fuel and water from the vessel
  • Disconnect all Battery Cables
  • Remove any device or fixture that extends beyond the hull of the vessel such as antennas, radar, compasses or depth sounders. These devices should be secured inside the vessel for shipping.
  • Any non secured decor such as tops, curtains, seat cushions
  • Remove the plug from the craft
  • You will need to store and secure Plastic and Plexiglas windshields below
  • If you are moving the boat during the winter months, then you need to winterize the engine, toilets, the water systems or any other weather sensitive device on the vessel.
  • Shrink wrap is an excellent way to protect your boat during transport. However, a poor shrink wrap may tear due to the high winds generated by road travel. If this happens, the vessel could suffer damage from the shrink wrap beating, chaffing and scratching the vessel. Haul-it-All Shipping LLC cannot accept responsibility for damages caused by shrink wrap.
  • If your larger boat needs to be loaded transom forward, then the craft needs to be shrink wrapped or we cannot accept liability for damage that may occur to the windshield during transport
  • When moving a sail boat, you must remove all standing rigging, lights, spreaders, wind indicators and all other types of mast rigging prior to transport. Otherwise, Haul-it-All Shipping LLC cannot assume liability for damage such as scratches or abrasions that may occur on the mast or damaged rigging or lights left on the mast during transport.
  • All personal belongings should be removed from the boat before transport. These include cash and valuables, clothing, sporting goods or any other materials that are not part of the vessel.

How did you do? Did you remember everything? Print a copy of PREPů to review as you’re getting your vessel ready. (It makes things easier!)

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